Governmental Affairs Committee

Governmental Affairs Committee - Governmental Affairs Committee

Chairman: Elsbet Smith Hollywood, Chehardy Sherman Williams
Staff Liaison: Melissa Bordelon, President & CEO

The Governmental Affairs Committee focuses on the big picture when it comes to Louisiana politics and notifies the Chamber Board when a specific position needs to be taken. The Greater Hammond Chamber of Commerce is also part of the Northshore Legislative Alliance, and C.A.S.E., whose collaborative advocacy efforts work to improve the business climate. The work of the Governmental Affairs committee allows the Chamber to serve as the voice of business at all levels of government to include monitoring and advocating for legislative issues and concerns.

2017 State Legislative Priorities


Support effots to secure long-term,
stable funding for HIGHER EDUCATION so that Southeastern Louisiana University and Northshore Technical Community College are able to budget adequately and appropriately, and provide quality education. This includes the promotion of education and training initiatives designed to support regional WORKFORCE needs.

Continue to lead dialogue regarding programs, reforms and policies that will benefit the local education offerings for children attending Tangipahoa Parish's EARLY EDUCATION THROUGH GRADE 12 SCHOOLS. Champion the need for appropriate funding of HEALTHCARE providers so they can adequately and accurately budget and provide quality healthcare, including mental healthcare, for residents of the Northshore. Strengthen relationships and coalitions that will be instrumental in securing funding and planning for TRANSPORTATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE projects, which improve quality of life in Tangipahoa Parish, including drainage, zoning and planned community growth. Foster community participation in the LOCAL AND STATE ELECTION PROCESS, specifically including encouraging community members to run for office.

2016 Coalition for A Stronger Economy

The Greater Hammond Chamber of Commerce has joined with over 60 business partners across the state to champion the 2016 Coalition for A Stronger Economy (CASE).

CASE is a response to the historic 2015 legislative session, where lawmakers chose to raise more than $600 million in new taxes from the private sector, jeopardizing the state’s positive economic trajectory. Yet, the state continues to enter a period of unprecedented growth, with more than two million people currently in the civilian labor force, and projects in the works calculated to create 75,000 jobs each year over the next 10 years.

Comprised of six strategies, the CASE agenda is a multi-year platform of priorities designed to use current growth to transform Louisiana’s economy and create a framework for lasting prosperity. These strategies are:

  • Accelerate growth in the private sector
  • Adopt a pro-growth tax code
  • Transform state budgeting to allow for prioritization of spending
  • Develop Louisiana’s workforce to promote individual prosperity and a healthy economy for the future
  • Prioritize infrastructure to sustain economic growth
  • Improve Louisiana’s legal climate to be fair, efficient and accountable

“The Greater Hammond Chamber is proud to join with Louisiana business partners in support of the 2016 CASE agenda,” President and CEO Melissa Bordelon said. “This shared vision and united effort to advance these priorities will no doubt enable Louisiana to capitalize on existing and new opportunities. We are ready to roll up our sleeves and work with elected officials to implement these strategies.”

For more in depth discussion of the strategies, a list of business partners and thoughts from participating organizations, download the full CASE agenda below, or visit

2016 CASE Agenda

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